Sudhir Tiwari
Oct 18-20

sudhir tiwari pranayama

Traditional Pranayama

We are so happy to announce that Sudhir Tiwari will be back for a workshop in Uppsala this fall 🙂

There will be pranayama, kriyas, preparatory practices, pulse reading, meditation, chanting, theory and Q&A. We will begin with a fire ceremony in the mornings. There will also be time for private sessions with Sudhir, for those who are interested.


October 18-20 2024


Friday Oct 18:
17:30-19:15 Introduction, kriyas, pranayama, chanting

Saturday + Sunday  Oct 19+20:
7-10 Fire ceremony, pulse reading, kriyas + preparatory, pranayama, chanting
11-12:30 Lecture, pranayama, meditation, Q&A


Early Bird book by June 2: 2400 SEK
From June 3: 2700 SEK

Please note: This workshop is best suitable for those of you who have some experience of pranayama, please ask us if you have any doubts. It will be held in English, but Anne-Lie will be assisting Sudhir and can explain in Swedish if necessary. 


Sri Sudhir Tiwari is the eldest son of the beloved and highly respected teacher Sri O.P. Tiwari. Sudhir was brought up at Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, in Lonavala, India, amidst rich traditional yogic heritage of Swami Madhavdasji Maharaj, Swami Kuvalyanandaji and Swami Digambarji.

Swami Digambarji initiated Sudhir in 1981 and accepted him as a disciple. Sudhir received his primary and advanced yogic and ayurvedic training from Swami Digambarji which included the study of traditional texts, mantra yoga, fire ceremony, pranayama and various aspects of adhyatm (spiritual) yoga. Sudhir also learned pranayama and hathapradipika from his father.

Since early 2012, at his father’s request, Sudhir has traveled around the world conducting workshops in the theory and practice of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting) and ayurveda, and spreading humbly the fundamentals of undiluted yoga.

Sudhir now lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and two children. 


Sudhir Tiwari

October 18-20 2024

When: Friday 17:30-19:15, Saturday + Sunday 7-10, 11-12:30
Dates: 18-20 October
Early Bird book by June 2: 2400 SEK
From June 3: 2700 SEK

ashtangayoga i uppsala

"Yoga is a path to undo the root of all types of misery through the direct experience of deep, clear, open awareness"

- Richard Freeman